Plugins Wallacei and Human are not Supported

“Plugin Wallacei, Version, AssemblyVersion by Wallacei may not be used yet.
The following components of plugin Human may not be used: Custom Preview Lineweights”

Are there any updates regarding these plugins being supported by ShapeDiver, especially, Wallacei? Thank you.

The Wallacei plugin is not compatible with ShapeDiver, as it comes with a custom interface which needs to be access and interacted with on top of Grasshopper. This is naturally not possible on distant servers running Rhino and Grasshopper.

ShapeDiver already supports Human, but not all of its components. In particular, the “Custom Preview Lineweights” component controls the way curves are displayed in the Rhino viewport, but does not have any effect in the ShapeDiver viewer. We will add in the future a way to control the weight of lines in the ShapeDiver viewer by means of material properties in the plugin.