Plugins, AppDomains, and Shadow Copy

Has there been any discussions about putting plugins into their own app domains with shadow copying? I would love to debug by compiling and attaching to Rhino rather than restarting the whole process.

This is not going to happen at least in the near future. Visual Studio supports edit and continue and I have gotten this to work in the past for Rhino plug-ins.

Could you help me understand why not? I’ve only worked on plugins, never an extendable host program. I’m looking at this as something relatively easy that you would want to do. If not platform wide, at least as an under the hood option for developing.

And I didn’t think edit and continue worked with Rhino v5? All the references I can find for it point to VS.2008 and Rhino v4.

Probably the first reason that I don’t implement this is that it is quite a bit of work to get right and I have many many things on my list that seem to be a higher priority. I’m just trying to be truthful in that this is not on the top of any developer’s priority list.

Microsoft claims that they got edit and continue to work for 64 bit .NET code which should help for Rhino 5.