Plugin with advertising - permissible?

Hi McNeel,

I am thinking of adding paid advertising to my plugin via a modal dialogue - is this permissible ?

Just thinking of ways to help make my plugin become more available.


Permissible or not, I wouldn’t use it, no matter what it purported to do for me. I get far more advertising than I need through my browser. In my productivity applications I don’t need any distractions or unwelcome intrusions into my screen real estate.

Why would you even think of such a dumb idea?

Mainly because over 70% of the people who downloaded my plugin do not own a valid license of Rhino. Also, my plugin is distributed with a cracked keygen by many different sources one of which is:

Sad but true - if McNeel could help protect my plugin I would not be considering this route.

Open to all other suggestions,

How to you know this?

What could we provide that would help?

Odd that you think that McNeel would help you protect a plugin that you admit is used mostly by people using pirated copies of Rhino. Do you charge for your plugin? How much and what does it do. I’m a licensed Rhino customer and might be interested in purchasing a copy!

I currently collect the Rhino install type and those with 0 or 9 will not progress through my scripts -

I am thinking if I can generate some income from these users then that would make me feel better - redirecting them to a page full of adverts would be one way to achieve this.

My latest builds seemed to have stopped the software crackers - but for how long I do not know.

This is Dale when he goes looking for Rhino keygen types. Beware!

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