Plugin Update Notice


I get this update notice on every startup:

Following the link get me at a page informing me about the FaroDigtizer plugin

However after that I end up on the homepage with no reference to that plugin.

I expect most users will get annoyed and click the ‘Don’t Show Me Again’ button.
Yet does that apply to the currently found update or to all future found updates?

All in all it’s confusing and annoying when there is no apparent way to update the reportedly outdated plugins


I saw that too.

Which version are you on. I had the same issue but I think it got fixed with Rhino6.7 and now Rhino6.9 is available.

I’m on
Version 6 SR9
(6.9.18247.3301, 04-Sep-18)

so it’s not fixed yet for me


@brian - do you know what might be causing this?


For a week or so I’ve been getting notices about a missing plug-in for Faro arms when I start Rhino. I can click through the notices so not a major problem; just an annoyance. I’ve never used a Faro arm.
Version 6 SR9
(6.9.18240.23591, 8/28/2018)Faro%20laptop%20note

so Rhino6.7 and Rhino6.8 do not have this issue. I haven’t installed 6.9 yet. perhaps it’s a regression.

Yes, this is a known issue. We removed that plug-in from Rhino 6.9, as it was never compatible with Rhino 6 and never loaded properly. I wasn’t expecting that you’d see this error; clearly you do.

@stevebaer @tim what’s the status of making it so Rhino ignores this plugin on startup?

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I was not aware of the issue. I quickly looked at Tim’s list and am guessing this is the YT issue

Yep, that’s it. I thought I heard Tim talking with you about it last week; I may have been mistaken.