Plugin toolbar not shown in Rhino 8

Hello everyone,

I updated my plugiin “MFis Wire” for Rhino 8. Now the version 1.1.8 is uploaded using yak. Installing in Rhino 7 works fine. My Plugin toolbar is shown after installtion:

When installing the package MFis Wire 1.1.8 in Rhino 8, the toolbar is not shown.

The toolbar must be enabled manually using the Toolbar command. This is a big problem, as an average user that tries to use my plug-in will not find the toolbar and judge my plug-in as crap!

What can I do to make the toolbar automatically showing up after installing the plug-in in Rhino 8?

Content of my yak file. Just for information.

Hope somebody can help,


Hi @samuel.hartmann,

Seems to load fine here.

Also, don’t include System.Drawing.Common.dll with your package.

You could get rid of the RHI_BAK file too.

– Dale