Plugin Tabs and toolbars not listed

Hi, I had a random toolbar reset recently, and I had to reset them to the default, but now all of the tabs and toolbars for my plugins are not listed in the toolbars options?

How do I gain access to the toolbars for my plugins when they are not listed?

(the plugins still are loaded and operate normally)

Run the Toolbar command and you should see the plugin tb files in the list. Then select one and check which toolbars to show in the UI.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for that - I tried, but it isnt listed - it’s Evolute Tools, they are still functioning though…

Check the folder where the plugin lives… should be listed in the plugins properties in Options. There may be a tb file there you can drag and drop into Rhino.

It has .rui files listed in a folder called Toolbars, but no .tb ?

Rhino V4 used TB files.
Rhino V5 uses RUI (Rhino User Interface) files

Hi, OK, so can I import them?

(I am using 5)

Yes, old V4 TB files can be opened in V5 and then V5 then automatically writes an RUI file for use. The old TB file is not used after that.

However, some command names and command options changed between V4 and V5 so some of the imported command macros may not work.
You’ll need to test then and modify them as needed.

Hi John. Thanks for that -

So, how do I get the existing .rui to import? It wont drag and drop and if I use the import new toolbar command, it doesn’t import it.

Thanks for your help

I should probably post this in the Evolute tools section as it seems to be a problem just with these tool bars.

Toolbar command, file > open
Select the file OK
Add checks to the toolbars you want to display

Thanks, there seems to be a problem with this, so I think I have to reinstall the plugin.

Thanks for the help