Plugin Math 3DE in Rhino 6: No _MathLibraryData

Her’s a question with the above topic (
I could install Version 1.2.3 into Rhino 6, and I could set up the toolbar of Math 3DE. It’s working ok at command line, but the connection to _MathLibraryData from the toolbar (folder icon named fx) doesn’t work. Command line input _Mathlibrary does it.

Thanks for hints
Walter Holzwarth

Hi Walter,
this is what I get if I click Shift+RightMouseButton to edit the button:

Both commands work here from the toolbar. Do you see something different?
Edit: Maybe you have installed an old toolbar file?

Same look is here; Jess. But the new window is empty and only shows the message “No _MathLibraryData found”. Perhaps a localization issue with German language setup.
That’s the worse news. The better one: The window opens as usual with command _MathLibrary from the command line.
No big deal, but you’re the right man for a solution. And thanks for this interesting Plugin.