[Plugin Idea] Minecraft <> Grasshopper

I have got an idea of a software which would connect Grasshopper and Minecraft.
(It would be as Gh plugin and Minecraft Forge mod)
Or as Rhino.Inside Minecraft?

(So I’m just posting it here in case some developer might want to make this)

This would take Minecraft map making to a whole new level

Some ideas: using Galapagos for Redstone circuits, slime block - piston machines, customizing world generation, making data packs (?), command blocks…

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Yeah, its possible to transfer it from Gh to Mc, but not vice-versa.
Like a connection between Gh and Illustrator, Doodlebug has nodes which can control thing which are already in AI, a plugin for Mc would allow similar kind of things from Minecraft

For your information, although it’s not a live link, I used to write a C# library which is able to read/write Mc’s world file.

The idea of live linking is fun. I may code something when i’m free. However the issue will be Minecraft, especially the client, never has a good enough API. I can imagine the hell of managing version differences across MC & Forge versions.

There’s a premature mod implementing REST inside the Mc client.