Plugin for quixel?

@lando.schumpich i guess i will need to find some time off fork it and boil it down to v5/v6/v7 :sweat_smile:

A v6 version should be possible to build on top of @nathanletwory s pbr plugIn Rhino PBR-Style material
For the first public version of RhinoBridge I wanted to just built on already existing functioniality, which is why I chose v7 with its build in PBR support. Although quixel uses different names for their texture slots than Rhino, so probably some things are lost in translation there

Rhino 5 would be out of my abilities, also I don’t own a copy of it so it’s very unlikely to ever happen :sweat_smile:

Got it! Although can’t imagine such plugin without other renderers support :slight_smile: Anyway I’m very happy to see it and for sure if i only find some time ill try to put in my 5 cents and contribute :wink:

You are more than welcome :+1: