Plugin Development

Goodmorning. I’ve a question. I want to create a plugin that allows you to connect Rhino to a FEM software. The problem is that the FEM software hasn’t API.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance for any kind of help

Some FEM software have an input/output files that allows to set things like boundary conditions, loads etc. and later read the results. If the one that you want to connect have such ability, then maybe creating a plugin that create/read such files would be enough.

If your FEM software supports SAF; thats a somewhat universal way to describe FEM models.

You could make a script to rewrite your Rhino data in SAF-format (This is our workflow so we can export to many FEM software packages)

Check it out at SAF Documentation — SAF Documentation documentation

I didn’t kinow it, i’ll try. Thanks for your support.

I had thought about it, but I was looking for a way to have a more direct link.
Thanks anyway for the suggestion.