"Plug-in developer run time debugging" pops up a lot RH6 WIP 6.10

I get this popup occasionally when opening a file in Rhino 6 WIP 6.10. When I click ok it pop up again. I usually have to dismiss it about 20 times before I can continue. This has also happened while making changes in a file. Not completely sure what’s causing it yet.

MacBook Pro 13" w Touch Bar
Mac OS Mojave

Ok so this just came up again today when I tried to untrim a planar surface made from two circles. Took about 10 times of hitting Ok to get it to go away. I tried untrim again afterwards and it worked fine :thinking:

You may want to join your report to this tread:

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Just noticed. Exact same issue. Thanks for pointing it out!

We hope to publish a fix for this really soon. We have one other Stop-Ship bug in our way.