Pls help, need PNG Animation images ( Rhinogold animation + Brazil renders)

I can render images without background using Brazil but i need to save it as PNG after the render is completed, that i okay when i need single renders, however with animation (using Rhinogold) the brazil images automatically gets saved as Jpeg. (300 images are created for 12 second video) That leaves the unwanted shadows and light rays when saved as Jpeg. And i have to manually edit the video images to get a video without background.

How do i save the animation images from Brazil as png automatically?

I’d suggest asking this on the RhinoGold support forum . I don’t know how they specify the file format for rendering animations but would assume there is a spot to pick png versus jpg. If you were to use Rhino’s default turntable animation tool for example and set the output to png and render full, you’ll get an alpha channel in the resulting pngs. RG must set up the animation options somewhere specific to the plugin.