Pleated surfaces: adjusting the folds

This is in relation to a previous discussion: here
I took the pleated form and have been trying to make the pleating behavior more flexible, so that the surfaces may be folded at the base on one footprint, but smoothed out at the end of the other footprint. We are eventually interested in using Karamba to do stress analysis, and adjust the amount of pleating that happens across the surfaces.

In the file attached, the approach being taken is to keep one footprint non-pleated and the other footprint pleated, and produce the surfaces through sweep. However, that means the change the folds are constant, and also determined by the fold defined at the footprint. Is there a way to produce pleated surfaces differently so that the amount of folding can be increased or decreased along the way?
I am also interested in manipulating each surfaces independently, so that the amount of folding would differ by surface. In the current approach, the sweep stopped working when the square footprint was divided into independently adjustable edges. I could not figure out the causeā€¦

Thank you for your help,
Mai (48.5 KB)