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Laurent DELRIEU has created a post in grasshopper site (previous forum)making the surface of the pavilion which was really great! Can anyone advise how to create these pleated creases on the surface with grasshopper ? Thank you very much in advance.

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created a post in grasshopper site (previous forum)making the surface of the pavilion which was really great!

When you refer to things that can be linked to, please just link them.

this is the link - try to open this file with kangaroo 2 but few bits are missing and I am not sure how to make it work …. can you help?

this is the file (24.9 KB)

your question is not simple as in this type of work it is not a one button solution. Scale is important and many other parameters.
Try to find a script that is working and then try to understand all the use of the various slider components Begin at the left of the script and understand all the inputs and outputs. The link above has some explanations.
Making the pleated is more difficult. I imagine the algorithm is going brom bottom to top and it tries to have flat quads.
You can begin to have dent using the deviation parameter


Hello Laurent,

mmmm I can’t make the script work in kangaroo 2 in the first place! not sure why? can you explain where I am making the mistake? :thinking: :pensive:

i have attached the GH file (28.8 KB)

It is was I said try to understand what was working in Kangaroo 1 … there was no anchor points, mesh was not flattened …You didn’t internalize geometry, so I decided myself to choose a size, but size matter. As some goals are length …
Zbool was set to true. On purpose ?
Also it is important to begin with a null (0) pressure

Play with the sliders, make mistakes, explore …
20160109_funicular_K1 (28.8 KB)


Thank you very much , I will be playing with this till I fully get it :))) ….but I understood when I was making a mistake - :slight_smile:

You will see in my old scripts that I used some GenePools for the springs lengths, they could be used to put differents lengths depending on row or colum numbers. So they can simulate some pleating. Same thing for mass … Many many things can be done. You could also look at Marc Fornes video showing the script (Rhinocript I thing) he used.

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Hello Laurent,

I have posted the same question actually on the block that is related with the pleat creation but nobody replied :frowning: to me so far . So I though I could ask you to give me at least some kind of advice/ direction on how to go about it ? I struggle with C# , i wanted to project points from the curves on to the surface but I am stuck - so i can create some points so can I play with thr shape them with kangaroo. All I want its advice on how to project points on to the mesh . the actual post is that one :

Can you please advice me …

Thank you in advance for any advice

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I didn’t look at your other question. It seems that it is nos well explained. By the way, struggling with C# (or whatever) is a good thing to learn … Don’t give up, you will manage to make it work. Make baby steps, don’t try to write too much lines.

For the pleated thing, here a little code (C#) that is doing strips, not perfect but could help you. Strip could also be done using Kangaroo or others plugin.

mesh strip (92.9 KB)