Please tell me how to make a pipe along the polyline

I am trying to create a pipe along the polyline.
But my rhino6 no movement for the whole pipe.

Is there a way to solve it without moving the control point of polyline.

Pipe.3dm (231.2 KB)

what’s the point of making a pipe of 0.07 mm radius on a polyline of 345 meters long?
anyway you will have better luck using Sweep1 with Untrimmed miters option checked:

to make the section normal to curve you can use the Aroundcrv option in the cyrcle command.

Thank you so much.
I did it well.
I want to modeling exist underground communication cable for crossing survey.


It you only need this for visualization, you might be helped with curvepiping:


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you seem to have some messed up overlaps or ends not entirely touching correctly which leads to discontinuities.

to fix it you can use ExtractPt on the messed up Polyline. then use CurveThroughPt set to interpolated and degree 1. that will result in a clean Polyline which will pipe correctly.