Please remove Blenders cycles Metal from wip

Can we Please remove Blenders cycles Metal from wip until it really works and at least doesn’t crash Rhino. I accidently clicked on it for a material and it crashes Rhino. I remember it was reported as bugged but maybe the icon should be changed to “don’t click this button” remember that icon from one of the old wips?

Is it crashing with the August 31st version?
There was a release on the 30th as well but the 31st release had some Cycles fixes (at least according to the ‘what’s new’ page) over the August 30th version…

Hi Wim,
Thanks for your fast reply. I don’t know which version this is, as my auto download doesn’t work, yet another bug.
Work In Progress
(6.0.16222.9481, 8/9/2016)
Did you try it the metal material in the latest build, does it work for you that would be more effective test.

Current version appears to be:

Work In Progress
(6.0.16244.9561, 8/31/2016)

The materials don’t crash anymore.

That said, the Cycles special materials will be hidden from UI in an upcoming WIP. They are still used as the Cycles material during conversion though - each Rhino basic material has its Cycles counter-part.