Please, please make a Linux Version

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I have a vague idea how much effort went into the Mac version, and I can tell you, don’t get your hopes up…

My hopes are up and have been for a while. Between Rhino and Solidworks, that’s all that’s really keeping me from a full, 100% switch to Linux.

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Welcome to the club …:slight_smile:

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Well, with Windows quickly becoming quite the piece of spyware, and working toward creating a walled in garden from stolen from IBM–err I mean open hardware, I am not liking where this is going.

Apple does not seem to be concerned with making high-performance computers.

So, where does that leave us.

…And is there any reason not to OS abstract as much as possible?
Case in point is Blender, which runs on almost anything with OpenGL, as well as the Orbiter, which moved its graphics towards interoperability.


At work I’m on Windows but at home using Mint Mate. I hate all the garbage Windows 10 is trowing in your face! In Linux I’m used to to having ONLY what I want. For CAD though Linux is hardly an option - so many programs just don’t exist and I guess will never be. But there is a hope in the cloud - for instance Onshape my be used regardless of the OS and it is free for hobbyist and 5 closed project. I’m sure in the future the technology will allow Rhino in the cloud as an option!

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I am not a big fan of the cloud for most things because it goes against the grain of personal computers that can work independently. The only cloud I usually use is Dropbox, which I find fairly unreliable and untrustworthy.

Me too, but that’s the reality - Linux is a mess and a very small market for CAD and many more industries. You don’t use just one program to do your business - We need a whole bunch of software that wont be available for Linux!

I don’t think Linux is a mess.

Ubuntu is a mess because they chose to try to strangle the cellphone market with Unity.

Gnome is a mess because they thought that we didn’t need the desktop.

Window 10 is a mess because they don’t do the work they would have needed to to do to make a consistent and useful user experience. As I dig through Windows 10, I see new menus, Windows 7 menus, Windows 2000 menus… Since 7, they have really screwed the pooch with audio, Bluetooth, and Power schemes. Windows update is the system maintainer’s nightmare, and the new one rebooted while I was 3D printing.

Mint with Cinnamon continues to receive accolades. Cinnamon is everything Gnome 3 should have been.

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Also Rhino is the only thing retaining me on Windows at work.
At home : linux Mint + freecad ( I am only missing GH)
+1 for linux version


FYI Rhino on Linux?

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As you can see this is only the 2nd request for a Linux version this year. Given the long list of other requests, a Linux version is a very low priority.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you.