Please make rectangle vertical option repeatable with right click

One thing that is very frustrating is the rectangle vertical option, I don’t mind choosing it the first time but after that I right click to repeat the command and the command reverts to rectangle on the cplane. I hate this and it costs me lots of time since I always forget to choose it again once I use it, especially since it’s in grasshopper too, when I need to set the transform rectangle in the array command I need many times to use the vertical option.
Please make rectangle vertical repeatable like the rest of Rhino. I don’t want to have to make another command because that still won’t change the behavior I need in GH as well.


This can be done by setting a macro on a button that includes the vertical option like so:

_Rectangle Vertical

*Notice there is a space after Vertical

Does that help?

Hi Willem,
Thanks for the tip, but it is the same problem in Grasshopper and there the above macro won’t work with the GH array control set rectangle vertical. I wish for V6 that right click would really repeat last command even if it’s a nested option within the command. This one gets me all the time I forget what other commands are similar and I forget setting the command line option. Many times I just forget I have an extra button for the command if I haven’t used the command in a while or need it frequently. And if one needed to alter the option from vertical choice just choose your option in the command line, why not let right repeat really repeat the last chosen sub option this would be more productive I feel.

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