Please kindly add option to not show this Drag instruction box

Dear Mcneel Team
Please add an option in Pref. to not show this instruction box when dragging. it has no use [one can learn the drag options in the help panel
in the example here, I’m trying to trace a curve but the CP in hidden behind this box. The box can’t be moved as it disappears once one stops dragging. it’s a UI element that works directly against the user.
Please look into it. remove it, or add an option to.

thanks a lot


We did.
You switched it.
Rhinoceros > Preferences > Themes
Switch back to

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 11.09.37 AM

Make the change then Quit and restart Rhino.

Any luck?

Hi John
I know that option. thats not what I’m asking.
please kindly see my initial post again.
it’s a specific thing about the drag box that appears when you drag. Command options dialog is fine.

thanks a lot

Yes, I understand that.
If you switch back to Command options in the Sidebar, try dragging a control point and you’ll see the options there instead of in a floating dialog.

Hi John
please see that if that option was appropriate to the way I use Rhino I would have not post this request in the first place.

That a pretty strait froward thing, the way it is now make no sense, and is against the user. Clearly a UI error that needs fixing.

thanks a lot

So what you’re asking for is a separate control for where the Drag command options display, independent of the control in Themes?

Yes please
it can have an option like that perhaps

that would be the natural location for it [so it also can have the offset control like other cursor tips

thanks a lot

I’ll be honest, I do not want to raise your expectations.
I don’t see this command specific change ever getting enough support to make it a development priority.
Having the drag options show up in the Sidebar seem to work for most people.


please have someone else look at this then

that theme was created and lots of users use it. so you have that theme, it needs to work correctly, which it does for most part but this little things need fixing it’s very obvious.
Telling the user not to use that theme makes no sense

Please ask someone else to look at this.
thanks a lot


100 percent agree

utter nonsens. you did not help that user at all. instead you are insinuating that the user has an inferior understanding of the application and suggesting something that completely changes the workflow of an otherwise very helpful floating dialog. i assume you have no understanding of that general function or are not using rhino professionally at all.

what a messed up attitude. one simple dialogue which is bothersome and you would not even consider it worth tracking.

I would also like to support @Akash here. I also use the floating command bar and this panel is very annoying, and doesn’t offer any advantages to advanced users, so an option to not show this would be very welcome. Thanks.

You are misreading my questions and their intent.
I was trying to understand the issue and our little back and forth clarified that.

Please refrain from comments about attitude. They are not only misguided, they are not helpful to furthering the dialog.

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From a support point of view, adding this sort of control might be more confusing than not. I’m thinking along the lines of the “Never show this dialog again” in export options. Once a user has disabled the options dialog, how do they figure out how to enable them again?

Another possibility might be to make the dialog smarter (if Command options were shown in dialogs), and not show up in a location away from the control points, but still close enough to be visible.

you are seriously implying that somebody who switched it off might be to dumb to understand how to switch such a useless window back? lol

i remembered these simple options from day one of using them. no need at all to show that window. as @Akash said that is something which easily can befigured out without being reminded each time while being hindered working properly.

filing a wish tracker will take you 1 minute. and no i will not refrain from uttering my opinion that is what such a forum is for.