Please help with export extension


Hi all,i do want to save,export a simple file (cabinet) in one of the following extension options:
Only the csv is a native extension of rhino5 bot when i open the file in the program(cutting optimization)it does not reconize the dimensions of the elements of the cabinet.
Is there a way to make a better csv settings for export,or is there a plugin for rhino to go thru its export options with one of the extensions that i need?
Please help,i do thank you in advance,all the best.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Ilie - CSV is for object properties (in Rhino) it does not export the geometry. I do not know of a format that we export by default that would - you could conceivably make a script that writes a csv formatted the way you need, or an xml.


(Steve Baer) #3

What program are you trying to open the file in? Maybe someone here knows the best way to work with this program.


Hello,thx Pascal,yes a script it may be a solution bot i m not good to make that.
Stevebaer the program that i try to export is: Cutting Optimization.
Any help or ideea is welcomed.
Thank you.