Please Help... newbie to GRASSHOPPER!

Hello there. its my first time here with a query i hope someone helps me out. i have been visiting rhino forums several times for helps and its a great platform for studens and designers all around the globe. well the questions is im using subd to make this distored sphere with 3’ Diameter and now i am thinking of making it in grasshopper. can someone please guide me through to make it possible. Thanks alot!!! Creative WebGL Blobs | Demo 1 | Codrops


What is your goal? where are you stuck? what have you tried already? Do you have any sample files/ screenshots?

Help us help you!

here is the goal sir (16.8 KB)

was manipulating this to reach the goal. No luck And that kind of experience so far

The file you sent, does not have geometry internalized. Try to internalize, and re-upload.
Also, check this link, on how to ask effective questions on the forum, so it is easy to help you.

Help us help you!

it was just a sphere sir. any sort of round sphere converted to mesh

Check this out!

Made with a little noise and some twist! :wink:

I’ve used one component from the Noise 4D plug-in to generate simplex noise. You can get it on Food4Rhino or in the Rhino PackageManager!

Note that your reference was most certainly done with shaders. (16.2 KB)


thanks alottttt!!