Please help me!

I’m developing a plugin for rhino using RhinoCommon.dll with c# and I want to find out how to do these:

  1. When user clicks on a mesh, I want to add a point on the edge of the mesh where the mouse is clicked.
  2. I want to change my mouse cursor like a cross (like what it is when you add a curve) and also I want to draw a circle (with a specific radius) around the mouse pointer on the surface of the mesh.
    Thanks a lot

The GetPoint class allows you contrain point picking to different types of geometry. Here is an example:

Also, the GetPoint class has a SetCursor method that allows you to change the cursor.

Does this help?

– Dale

dear Dale
your answer, is the correct answer for my question.
i appreciate you. i wish healthy for you and your family.
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mostafa from iran