Please help me! my Rhino Python went something wrong!

I can’t use ctypes suddenly!!!
what is this error?!Please somebody help me!!

@Yuji_Kaneko I saw there was a similar request by you somewhere else. Did you fix this?
If not, while I do not know ctypes, I would try reinstalling it.

not yet…so im gonno try reinstall GHPython!

GhPython is unlikely to have anything to do with this error. A possibility is that you might have changed something in That is the standard types library of IronPython.

I’m sure I never changed inside of

in addition, how can I uninstall GHpython?

Did you ever install IronPython on your computer? If so, you may want to try uninstalling IronPython and see if that makes a difference.

Yes I did but after I installed Iron Python I couldn’t open even Grasshopper so I uninstalled it
is it problem I have Python 2.7 and Python 2.7 for 64bit?

I believe you, buy could you please still try reinstalling Rhino 5, nonetheless? Just to make sure that is the original.

You just delete ghpython.gha from Grasshopper: File -> Special Folders -> Components folder. However, deleting this and placing it anew will not fix this error.

I solved it !!
when I checked my int file of ctypes in Ironpython in rhino. it was different from my friend. so I copy my friend’s one and paste it. then it’s fixed!!

but sorry… I really don’t have any idea how it was replaced…I’ll try to figure out how it happens

thx for you guys help!!!

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