Please help me! It's about input and output in GH Python

I have 2 questions…
about Question:1

I want to display that result from “a” but, always it comes from “out” , Why!?

and I don’t understand what does the message from “a” mean!

about Question:2

I set an array to x and expected the result is same as Question:1 but something went wrong…

It seems the program gets only one data from array data , so it runs 5times I guess… (7.8 KB)

Python to Fortran dll text.txt (936 Bytes)

  • Is x set to List Access?
  • ‘out’ is everything you print…

・Yes, it is!! is that wrong?

・Yes I know. but how can I set output port in Python?
I thought I wrote ‘a = inputoutput’ so ‘a’ would be output port whose result is same as ‘out’.
but its result is something wrong… please help me!!!

not sure if this is helpful or not but:

print will come out of ‘out’
a will be whatever a is… (and in your example, a is ArrayType() at the end of it all)