Please help me, how can I change the texture of the surfaces

I need to make a marmer texture surfaces of my polyhedron how can I do that, which commands do I need. Please help me

Do the UV editing tools help? It sounds like you want to apply a texture map so the rendering plugin used will also be a factor in what material editor you use.

I watched the video and did the same things, but the whole image changed into the material I choose, but only the surfaces, I later on drew has to be filled in, how can I do that… I tried to try the UVeditor command but the I needed to select an object but there is not really an object

I’m not fully understanding… Can you describe your problem differently and post a file with your model and also the texture map you are trying to apply?

So I need to put the marble texture on the surfaces that I can see of the polyhydrons.
The porblem=
I made 2 layers and with the line of the layers (red and orange) I went over the surface so I can fill it with the (test)material ‘Brick’ but it didn’t display, I though I could fill the surfaces in with the material but it didn’t

herkansing.3dm (1.3 MB)
Marble.rmtl (25.8 KB)

2 topics with 1 answer i guess:

I agree with jordy1989, the curves you have are not surfaces so I think that’s the confusion. Make sure you have a closed border and then use PlanarSrf to make surfaces… Then apply a material to those surfaces.

If you have modeled your polyhedra in 3D, you can also use UnrollSrf to flatten the model.

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

Thank you!! :blush:

Why can’t I see the marble texture on the layout page with the image on the background? I can’t figure it out

Did you assign the surface to the right layer?
Else post your new file so we can see how far you got :slight_smile:

I did and I need to render it to jpg oops but than this happens

herkansing.3dm (894.3 KB)

Hoe kan ik het oplossen?

Can you post the newest file?
And with what do you render? Neon? Brazil? Just the render view?

This is what i get in render view

FILE: herkansing.3dm (894.3 KB)

Ik typte ‘render’ in de command bar en dan ‘save as’ -> jpg…

Op de achtergrond moet de afbeelding eropstaan en niet enkel de marmeren texture van de polyhedrons

I dont have the background Image. Its not saved within the file. If its needed in the file post it with the file.

Oh they work now xD

Oh sorry I typed in dutch, I don’t know why… Is it okay or do you still need to post the file of the image?

Found your problem. Some surfaces are created 3 times on top of eachother.

Type SelDup and press delete.
Now for the rest. Your background Image is on the same height as your objects.
Move your background image 0.01 in -Z then it is fixed.

It is rendered through each

I did and rendered it

FILE: herkansing.3dm (894.3 KB)

This is the new file. And a render.
You probably need to replace the marble Material with a new one.

NewFile.3dm (1.0 MB)