Please help me create this shape in GH

Sorry ,I encounterd some difficults, and i hope get some guides about this shape seen on picture.I cannot find a good solution though I tried lots of ways as interference, the result is not I look forward. I add my source file and picture about my component flow. I know, unforunately my english not enough support me to communication, I hope I make myself clear.
Hope to get help!
Thanks in advance

I failed components (24.1 KB)

This is my failed source file…


I would strongly consider using a seamless background image, something like ocean ripples or similar to move the points to create a new surface, you can then have much more control just by editting the image in Photoshop or trying out different textures to get the desired effect. Note also that in your example there is quite a prominent seam, if you instead create curves and loft them afresh, this will help prevent this.

I failed components file (323.7 KB)

Your English is fine!


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