Please help me! Booleansplit keep failing

Hi, I need to hand in this assignment soon but my boolean split keep failing and I can’t find out why… Can someone please please help me… I am trying to cut out the two sides of my wall. The first one is like the one in the pic and the other wall is the right side wall. Please help me​:sob::sob:

1.111.3dm (4.5 MB)

Hello - please see Help on Boolean operations - in general, the input should be solid - your room or whatever it is is not. Also, there is an internal face and general messiness here:


That needs to be made more carefully.

When that is cleaned up, join it all, mergeAllCoplanarFaces and then Cap.

It should work better…



The problem is that your walls are non-manifold, open surface, instead of a manifold solid.
The best thing would be to rebuild the walls from you base curves to get back to a clean geometry.