Please help asap

how can i choose all (multiple) extruded edges and blend them with holes in my surface? it would be too long to doi it by myself maybe anyone could help me with grasshoper script? please

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can you give a little more detail about what you are trying to do?

are you trying to fill the holes shown in the part above, or blend thm to other parts. or…

more detail please

hi! i want to make a similar structure so i need to blend surface first but there are too many columns

those appear to be simple extrusions…

is the surface you are starting with a nurbs surface or a subd?

if it’s a subd, simply double click each edge and extrude upwards with gumball-

if it’s Nurbs, you can dup the edges of the holes, then select the resulting curves and extrude them all at once.

Would help if there was a minimal file with only the relevant geometry and an example of what you need to accomplish

HI! thank you! i need to connected all extruded edges with holes in plane so in the end i would have columns like that (plane would have this waffle contour or whatever is that too) - so its one massive structure
unfornutately my model is too big for sending it here (98 mb) how can i send you this?

Can you send a file with just the extruded edges and the surface?

Upload it on any online drive and share the link

hi! thanks for your help heres the file

there you go. it’s a simple conical loft, but i don’t think it matters (7.8 KB)

p.s, you should use layers to separate geometry

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tnank you very much!!!

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im so sorry to bother again but how i could then make a waffle structure from my geometry? like here

i tried to make a contour operation but somehow i coudnt set a surface with columns ( i can only choose surface without them)

join both the surface and columns (make sure the columns are not closed - make sure to flatten the input of th Brep Join) and use the contour on that brep (the joined object)