Please, curve editing, with grasshopper or script

Teste 1.3dm (674.6 KB)

Please some way to automate, curve editing:

  • change or not measure the beginning and end;
  • change from a line, curve or intersection point, the curvature, keeping or not the origin, in a smooth way, as highlighted in the attached image.
    Thanks for your attention.

Hi Leandro - I am not sure I understand what you are starting and ending with but it does seem like any editing would be very much easier with better curves.

At any rate I do not see a one-step solution or tool for what I think you are after but I would try setting up some kind ov CageEdit or FlowAlongSrf with a simple surface(s).

For example, move the middle row of control points of the white control object down-
Teste 1CageEdit.3dm (1.2 MB)