Please add renderable spline or atleast dont rotate the pipemesh at 45 degrees

The ability to quickly manipulate how a line renders is invaluable to architects and interior designers. We use this a lot from adding tens of thousands of mullions to 600m towers to quickly trying out different floor and ceiling patterns without going into modeling geometry or playing with bitmaps.

This is probably the single reason why a lot of large architecture firms still render with 3ds max.

Hello - I’m not sure I understand your comment but it may be that ApplyCurvePiping might help? If not, can you please explain more about what is wrong or needed?


Applycurvepiping is a start but it would be nice if a 4 sided faceted pipe(a window mullion) isn’t rotated 45 by default. There is no way to change this rotation at the moment. There is also no option to make a rectangular pipe. I know we can make this parametrically in grasshopper but that defeats the purpose of curve piping-which is to minimize mesh geometry in a model. The rectangle command would allow negative(-) input so the rectangle can be made either side of the line.

Ideally rhino would just have a curve piping command that works just like 3DS max renderable spline.

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Hello - got that, thanks