Please add handles to SubD Edges Crease(Rhino 8)

Please add handles to SubD Edges Crease.
There is really no need to stop in the middle of a workflow to test if 90% or 95% crease is the best fit when SubD is all about modeling with speed and sculpting with feeling.
Let’s just give all the necessary vertices handles so users can intuitively sculpt by pulling up to increase weight and pushing down to decrease weight, with real-time form updates.

Maybe just like that one in MatchCrv.
How convenient to not have to stop mid-thought to input numbers.
Honeycam 2024-04-05 06-27-46

I like to point this post to R8 documentation, but seems like there is none, so I just point to this one.
Rhino - SubD (


You mean Rhinoceros Help ?

Yeah, that would be awesome.

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