Please add a spanish section for mac users


Hi Ricardo,

We are planning to launch localized Discourse sites for all the languages we support. I’m not sure what the timeline is for that, though - @stevebaer any ideas?

Hola Ricardo

Por favor, siéntete en la libertad de escribir tus comentarios en español. encontrarás que estamos varias personas que con gusto trataríamos de ayudarte

Jesus López
ART León

I can look into this next week.

Excelente me siento mas cómodo usando mi idioma nativo. Gracias!

Can you please invent a way to filter categories before adding languages? I already have to sift through posts in all 14 existing categories to “mark all read”, adding another half-dozen or more different language categories to that isn’t going to make it any easier…

Thx, --Mitch