Playing with multi textures

lately I am trying again to overcome the old problem of texturing large areas without tiling artefacts while preserving a good close up look.

A very cool approach to archive this are parametric multi texture materials which will distribute a given number of smaller, high/medium resolution textures in a user defined pattern.
The classic field of application would be bricks or wood planes.

Because the algorithm randomly distributes the bitmap textures, e.g a single brick in [n] variations, you do not see repetitions at all if [n] is big enough (usually it should at least be 5…).

In this example I used a OSL definition by Roeland Schoukens within Octane to define the dimension of the planes, the offsets and the textures.


Here is a glimpse at the material setup for the floor in Octane

another one, this time wich displacement mapping…

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