Playing with meshtools and generating a Metaball shape! (Full Design Process Video!)

Just tried to have some fun with MeshMetaballs …! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hi @mehrzad_samadi Can you please post an image? We’d love to see the work.

Hello @dan, I just posted a video isn’t there any preview of it?
I’ll try to share it again right now!

@dan Is it fixed?

Unfortunately, no. In fact, I don’t see an edit to your post.

Where is the video coming from? If it’s YouTube, a thumbnail should get created in the gallery. If it’s Vimeo or other video service, please post a screenshot along with it for the gallery thumbnail.

I think it is because of the file size. This shot is not showing the process but at least It is better than just an empty post till it is removed. :slight_smile:

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