Play list of values?

Is there a way to play a list of values without timer?
Actually i use the Firefly component: Playback , but it read file path only.
Using timer is very slow and slow down the pc.

I didn’t use firefly before but I agree using a timer is not the best choice, So if firefly shows you number of iterations as an output you can get use of that by a short python code that when it reaches a number N of iterations it prints any output and you record this outputs in a list and use this list Length as index for List item of your values list, and use the same logic of number of iterations to reset the simulation if needed.
Also you might need to use Anemone or Hoopsnake to solve the problem of recursive data stream .

Thanks, actually firefly is the best choice , using loop with python is nightmare.
timer at first time work fast but than everything become slow , i hope they add animation tool like in blender and other softwares

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Can you simply run a slider with animate? Animate with slider

You mean animate option in slider? no it always open a window to save images and i need something like play button to launch animation; maybe i will try with loop function in python

There are many additional plugins that have a play button and record images:

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