Platform independent in C++ and C#

Hello Everyone, Can anyone know about which one is better between c# and c++ in terms of platform dependency. I want to build a game application so I am confused between them. When i was searching on google to found the maine difference in c# vs c++, I have found some information which is c++ low-level programming language with some high-level language features thus called as an intermediate-level language and In C# it is high-level programming language with no complex features, thus easy to understand. Can anyone know this is the right information?

Hi, this is subjective…

Both languages support cross platform. C# compilers are quite fast nowadays, very close to C++. Although C++ allows you more easily to write better performing code, its more difficult in general development. If you don’t know how to write well performing code, the language itself doesn’t give you any advantage. Its often more about the algorithm itself.

For game development however, C++ is rather the tool of choice. It works better with grafical api’s such as OpenGl/DirectX/Vulkan, but nothing you can do in C# as well. I would prefer C# because I’m doing it on my daily basis. Which simply means, I’m developing much faster… If you get limitations you can also mix both languages…

Anyway, rather ask yourself, is it realistic for a bloody beginner to create a game? Depends on the game yes, but maybe start a step smaller, create a screen saver or some nice fractals visualized within a opengl window.

Also have a look at game engines: Such as Unity (C#) and Unreal (C++) which both support multiple platforms

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