Plate from contour points


I’m trying to create element out of array of 3d boundary points. Points are only on inner or outer boundary. How can I create good quality mesh out of it? DO you know any meshing algorhitms?

Hi Karol,

It is not clear to me what you have and what you want to achieve. Any more information you can provide might be helpful. Pictures and geometry can be helpful too.


– Dale

Sorry, that wasn’t clear what I wrote. I have n points in 3d space, each point is one corner. One array contains outer boundary. Several arrays can contain inner boundaries.

This is the example of how plate could be defined. I’d like to recreate it in rhino, but for that I need some kind of triangulation algorithm. Do you have any idea how to recreate it in rhino? This is Open HCM standrard of storing data.

<Plate id="" name="" memberId="" side="P" materialId="" thickness="" maxDiminution="">
<Vertex x="241.56" y="2.60629" z="4.48589"/>
<Vertex x="240.76" y="2.64763" z="4.48569"/>
<Vertex x="240.446" y="2.66484" z="4.48564"/>
<Vertex x="240.403" y="2.6679" z="4.48565"/>
<Vertex x="240.08" y="2.6859" z="4.48567"/>
<Vertex x="239.96" y="2.69278" z="4.48569"/>
<Vertex x="240.394" y="2.12003" z="3"/>
<Vertex x="240.386" y="2.19418" z="3.15411"/>
<Vertex x="240.354" y="2.26816" z="3.30507"/>
<Vertex x="240.298" y="2.34045" z="3.44983"/>
<Vertex x="240.219" y="2.40958" z="3.58543"/>