Plankton & python

hello guys ,
im new to python and i wanted to import Plankton lib which i think is a C# lib to python , i heard that its possible to import it , but i dunno how …
plz help me if you can .
thank you .

Maybe can help you

Hello ,
thanks for your replay , i saw that topic before but the thing is that i have no idea what it is about and what is the meaning of the things that done in the script ,i need someone to explain it a bit for me , as i said im still noob in scripting .

@WinG, have you tried copying the script in the link into a python script component in Grasshopper? Or are you trying to use it directly from Rhino? There have also been recent discussions about using Plankton via Python in the comments here which will explain the options available to you to import Plankton. This are aimed at Grasshopper but I believe the same principles apply to RhinoPython.

Rhino uses IronPython which is a .NET implementation of Python (allowing it to load other .NET assemblies, such as Plankton). This should help to direct your Googling :slight_smile:

Hello @Will ,
i wanted to use the lib in python Grasshopper , and man thank you very much i was just looking for a hint so i can start googling , which you gave me :smile:
im very thankful .