Plankton Problem

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use plankton and kangaroo to minimise mesh deflection. I keep getting an error when I increase the number of points on the batwing to more than 3 (highlighted on the left). I was wondering why this is?

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180524 Batwing (50.9 KB)

Why do you use plankton?
Just use standard deconstruct mesh and construct mesh component and everything is working. :slight_smile:

180524 Batwing (54.9 KB)

Hi Tim,

I have a second half to the script using Galapagos to optimise the shape using plankton, but that is from someone we are working with so I haven’t shown it in full. I would quite like to know what the cause of the problem is, so I can work around it and also begin to understand Plankton a little better.

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I don’t really know much about plankton. But even if your client or whoever uses plankton is his script, you don’t have to do it on your part. But if you want, I can’t help you further. Plankton throws up an error in Rhino6 for me.

That is the error I get as well. From looking at the coding (from my novice point of view) it looks like it is because it returns more than 999 faces, which will be problematic further down the line with more complex structures. I will do as you suggest and use standard deconstruct mesh and work from there. Many thanks for your help.

Don’t know, I also get the error when placing the component on the canvas.

For anyone who also has this problem, I found it was because I had my meshes coming to a point in the middle, and had too many faces trying to join at one vertex. Adding a small line at this point so it looked like a point but actually wasn’t one, before mesh loft worked perfectly.