Planes on centroid

So I need planes on the centroids as seen in the GH file. But the problem is that I need to rotate those planes with the rotation of the solid. How can I do this or what direction do I need to look?planes on (2.9 MB)

You can deconstruct BREPs, sort faces by Z coordinate of their centroids, convert them to planes, change Origins of these planes to BREP-centroids from the beginning.

Thanks for your suggestion. How can I get the Z of the faces from the centroids? I was trying this with the Surface Closest Point but then ofcourse you won’t get the Z coordinates but the distance.

Are you looking for surface planes (surface normal vectors) on the imaginary ripple surface that underlies your bricks? Do you have that ripple surface somewhere, before you cut the holes? Reconstructing it from the centroid point cloud isn’t easy.

Which plane do you want?

Actually this is kind of what I need but then the planes need to be removed where the solids are. planes on centerpoint with (103.3 KB)

planes on centerpoint with (103.8 KB)

Nice one, thanks alot!

planes on (3.0 MB)

planes on (2.9 MB)

planes on (2.9 MB)

planes on (2.9 MB)

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