PlaneFromPoints does not return a plane in Rhinoscript

Hi all,

Any idea why when I am creating a plane within RhinoScript the plane is not drawn? Drawing it manually in Rhino works perfect though…

I am using the simplest way to create a point as in here: PlaneFromPoints

I have tried many different ways, but I only get a plane drawn if I ask for a cutting plane.


A plane in Rhinoscript is not a planar surface, it is a plane object, which is composed of an origin and X,Y and Z directional axis vectors.

If you want to create a surface, you will need to use the plane object returned by PlaneFromPoints together with a magnitude (length/width) in U and V to create a plane surface with AddPlaneSurface.

Oh. Thanks! Any idea where I can find the information describing that “A plane in Rhinoscript is not a planar surface”.

Maybe here is a good place to start:

Specifically for planes:

Thanks :pray:t2: