PlaneFit question

Hi all,

I’m trying to understand what this is doing in some cases… In the attached, I have subdivided a random surface and extracted sets of 4 corner points for each subdivision. I am then fitting an average plane through the points. As you can see the planes origins are nowhere near the points being fit to (I have isolated just one set for the image). I just want to understand the logic for putting the origin of the plane where it is… I would have thought that it would be at the average of the points or something… Obviously, I can get the average of the points, pull that to the plane and move the origin there… But is there a reason for this sort of “randomness”? If I do the exercise with something like a mesh sphere - extracting the face corner points and fitting planes - there the planes seem to end up in the logical place.

–Mitch (9.4 KB)

PlaneFitQuestion.3dm (76.7 KB)

I’ve often wondered this (but never out loud) and like you said it’s easy enough to move it to a more sensible location with [Average] and [Origin] that it never really became an issue.

It seems the plane origin is located so that its Z vector passes through 0… so not “random”, I guess…