Plane perp to another plane and though line


I have a planar rectangular surface and need to cast another planar surface from this to a line, or I could place points along that line if that would assist.

In this case it is possible to get a planar surface between the two, just wondering how best to find the ‘fit’ !

What method or command is there for this ?


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Steve -

What does this mean? Try Plane, 3Point, OnSrf osnap for the first two points but snapping to the line end points, then the third point to a line end point. It might be easier to set a Cplane to the existing plane and use Project on the end osnaps for the first two picks, and not for the third one.



Hi Pascal,
cast another…means create another starting from…just me visualising a planar surface setting out from the existing one and perp to it. heading to the line.
I shall work through these ideas and see what works best.

I was thinking of some perp from command sitting somewhere in the workflow achieving this.

The Cplane set to the existing plane might be a good one to try first.


(David Cockey) #4

Use Pull to pull the target line onto the origin plane. If the target line misses the origin plane then extend the target line using Extend and/or extend the origin plane using ExtendSrf, and use Pull again. Then use Loft to create a new surface between the target line and the pulled line. The new surface will be a plane perpendicular to the origin plane. If the new plane is not large enoug use ExtendSrf to make it larger, or lengthen the pulled line using Extend and use Loft again.

(Edited to revise terminology.)

(David Cockey) #5

The method I described above also works to create surfaces which pass through a curve and are perpendicular to a plane.

(David Cockey) #6

Also, once the target line or curve is pulled onto the origin plane, a perpendicular surface can be created using Fin.

(Pascal Golay) #7

Like so, I think -