Plane Normal rotating Polygon help

Hi Everyone,

I would like to see help regarding this problem that Im having.

Basically I would like to extrude a triangular polygon along a line as shown in the picture.

Initially when the plane was defined as just an X-Z plane the triangle polygon was oriented the correct way (with the base alone the X-axis.

However I wanted to make the plane where the polygon is extruded from be along the line thus i used the Plane Normal to orient my plane along the line.

However when I connect the commands together my polygon is rotated and skewed.

I would like to keep the orientation of my plane constant (i.e its base is parallel to the x-axis as previous)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Before%20Front%20View Before%20Top%20View After%20Front%20View

Welcome @Erbi0001,

Judging from your screenshots, Plane Normal might not be the way to go for this. I’d deconstruct the initial XZ-plane to get the X-axis that you want to stay constant. Now in order to construct a new plane from two vectors, you need an updated Y-axis. The Y-axis can be calculated with the cross product of the X-axis and your normal/line, which is the Z-axis is this case. Construct the new plane from the two vectors, describing its X- and Y-axis, and you should be good to go.

Furthermore, for a first time poster your description and documentation is pretty nice.
However, you should always accompany your discussion/question with a file, including the necessary, internalised geometries.