Plane error

rhino question.3dm (38.3 KB)

I’m creating a exoskeleton glass facade in the given curve. But after drawing the single line i offset the single and give thickness to extrude but when i offset the line went front n back. How to solve the error.

I’m not at all sure I understand the problem you’re trying to describe.
When you Extrude a line into a surface or extrusion object, Rhino tries to guess the direction to extrude. If Rhino guesses incorrectly, there is a Direction command line option so you can tell it the direction you want to go.

Actually i want to offset the lines which i have at distance of 0.3m trim the collision and then i need to extrude. @John_Brock

Your curves aren’t Joined appropriately for offsetting.
Join the curves needed for each of the two planar regions.
Delete the extra curves.
Then Offset the Joined curves by 0.3 and you’ll get this:

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