Plane command help - options not included

Why does help for the Plane command neglect list most of the command line options, and say “See the Rectangle command for detailed option descriptions”? Help for every command should list all command line options
Plane Help

Could you please provide screenshots or a file to help us better understand your problem?


@clemenslindner Are you able to edit the help files for McNeel?

Start the Plane command.
The command line says: “First corner of plane ( 3Point Vertical Center AroundCurve Deformable )”
Help does not include mention these options.
Help says: “See the Rectangle command for detailed option descriptions”
Plane Help


If I understand it right you can check the Rectangle entry and check all the detailed options (3Point, Vertical, Center, AroundCurve) (

The only option that is not included here is the “Deformable” one. But this one is included in the Plane one (

I think you’re misunderstanding @davidcockey’s request… He simply would like to see that info under the Plane help topic even if it already exists for Rectangle. @KelvinC

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Ok. I understand. Maybe a simple Link could also help as the plane and rectangle command indeed have a lot in common.

As I said in the first post:

Got that, thanks.
RH-62321 Help: Include information on all options