Planarize Tweened Quad Panels


I am wondering if there is a way to improve the planarizing of quads which are based on tweened curves. With lunchbox, the panels follow the lines, and does it as well to some extent when I use Planarize in Kangoroo, however, the smoothness compared with lunchbox seems to be not ideal, is there a way to fix the planarizing so that it becomes more even and smooth?

Using Surface Closest point seems make it better to some degree, but there are still some issues with the panels breaking up at some points.

Tween (20.9 KB)

What are you aiming to do here?

Taking a skewed grid like this it is not geometrically possible to make the mesh faces planar while staying connected without significantly changing the shape - essentially you’ll have to take the skew out.

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Hi Daniel,

Oh ok, yeah, the skew is kind of the main part of the design, the point is to make skewed panels like the lunchbox version that kind of skews the way the tweened curves do. But have them planar so they can be oriented at a later stage.