Planarize Points

Pascal wrote a great script called PlanarizeCurve. Does anyone know of one for PlanarizePoints?

If you want to planarize to one of the world planes, you could use SetPt and set either X, Y or Z to zero while keeping the others checkboxes unchecked.

For other planes this wouldn’t work though.

Hi Eric,

Like @menno points out you can use the setPt command for that.
Yet in addition to aligning to the World Planes you can setup a custom Cplane at your desired plane and align the points with SetPt and Align to Cplane option.


Right, I’m familiar with those. I love PlanarizeCurve by Pascal and could have really used it for points and control points to set them flat.

Here is my version of PlanarizePoints - it does not currently work on control points though, I can look into making a PlanarizeControlPoints script…


PlanarizePoints.rvb(3.0 KB)

Hi Eric,

Here’s a version that auto-fits all selected point type objects (points, pointclouds and controlpoints) in a plane.
It registers the alias : PlanarizePoints

**EDIT corrceted script: **
PlanarizePoints.rvb(3.5 KB)


Hey @Willem, that script auto runs at startup. Any idea why?

Hi Eric,

Sorry my bad, the script had a few lines of code from pascal’s script that did not mix well with mine.

to stop it running at startup:

corrected script:
PlanarizePoints.rvb(3.5 KB)

Sorry for the inconvenience

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No inconvenience at all…thanks man!

Edit: Script wasn’t loaded…my mistake.

@Willem, I restarted Rhino this morning and it is still doing the same thing. I have a half dozen scripts loaded, but the two you helped me with do this:

Hit Escape key.

Hit Escape key again. Splash screen goes away.

Hi Eric,

Your first image is at Rhino startup right?
Did you delete the entry for PlanarizePoints in your startup scripts as per the image I posted above?
Make sure you do this with only one instance of Rhino open and close that instance first before opening another one.
You best delete the Alias as well as it might be interfering with Mitch’s script that (unfortunately) is named the same.

Your second image is when you run the alias SlideOnCurve right?

The way I setup my scripts is that an Alias is re-registered every time the script runs. In return it is not loaded as startupscript. So the second image is expected and from my point of view not a problem.

I’m in a hurry now but please reply with anything else on this issue, so I can walk you through the solution.


Yes, please don’t try to use both… This is always the problem with drag and drop alias creation, which is why I hesitate to do this with most of my scripts…


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Ok, I thought you meant to delete the old script first and then add it back to that list. I see your alias uses loadscript rather than runscript. I deleted it from that window and all is well. I guess for your scripts, never use drag and drop, just create the alias manually?

Hi Eric,

The initial PlanarizePoints script had a flaw that created an entry as a startupscript.
However the script was designed to run when loaded.
So eacht time rhino started it would load and run immediately.

The new version and the SlideOnCurve only create an alias to load and run the script.
This means nothing is loaded at startup; only when the alias is run the script loads and executes.

To prevent the Commandline stating the Alias Created edit the scriptfile in notepad(or alike) and put a ' character in front of the line as pointed out by the arrow:


Hi, is it possible to download slide on curve script?

It looks like that was posted by @Willem here: