Planarity issue + surfaces are not joined where they should

Hi, I am facing some issues that I can’t get my head around, as it is giving unexpected results. In the attached I’ve documented my issues. thanks in advance for your help

(file uses lunchbox unroll)

2020-04-16-planarity-issue (103.7 KB)

Hoi Gijs,

Lunhbox could not be autoinstalled
Nevertheless, I could bake the first steps.

I’d first try and create this closer to the world origin, they are now 1.3 km away from world 0,0,0


UPDATE: running this with the initial breps close to Origin will at least select all faces as planar

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now seems to work just like rhino.
only empty branches are cleaned and moved closer to the origin plane (49.4 KB)

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thanks @Willem and @vikthor

This seems to solve part of the problem. Still I don’t understand, when all surfaces are planar, and join into a single brep, why does it not unroll into a single object? Some will stay separate. I can’t remember ever having a unroll result in separated objects when all faces are either planar or cylindrical.

…upon further inspection, it might be something the unroller of lunchbox does, my custom unroll component behaves better in this case:

here is a file without the lunchbox component and custom component instead to perform the unroll. It seems this time I can have both the planar surfaces as well as the surfaces joining. Strange is though that even though I explicitly set ExplodeOutput = False, I still have to join the surfaces after the unroll operation. (47.2 KB)

I’m not sure what happens here, but I see that avoiding using the project component, but I also recreate the surfaces again with the longitudinal curves (62.9 KB)

I don’t quite understand what you are saying, the sentence seems to be missing some words?
Anyhow looking at the gh file, recreating the surfaces with the longitudinal curves does not guarantee planarity as you also prove in the file, so also from that file I don’t understand what you try to illustrate

Estoy evitando usar el componente de proyectar y parece trabajar bien, tambien volvi a reahacer las superficies desde las curvas longitudinales

si cocino las superficies y luego se usa el comando Explode seguido del comando SelPlanarSrf, las superficies se seleccionan todas