PlanarGrid in PT for GH : Isn't i and j mixed up for Distance and Number inputs?

I am just starting to get my hands on Paneling Tools for Grasshopper - so most likely I got something wrong. But in the Planar Grid component I stumbled upon the following:

  • iDistance controls the distance of j points
  • jDistance controls the distance of i points
  • iNumber controls the number of j points
  • jNumber controls the number of i points

Again, probably I missed something - but to me this seems mixed up. Can you help me to understand?

Please see attached GH file for reference (I intentionally put z vector to iDir and x vector to jDir to not use the internal values, but the problem is also valid for the standard values of iDir and jDir). (8.6 KB)

I am using the newest version 2021.3.2.446 of Paneling Tools - installed using the Package Manager.

This is the configuration in GH:


And this is the result of above configuration:


This is what the parameters mean:
iDir = Row direction (Z-axis)
iDistance = Distance between rows in the iDir (2)
iNumber = Number of rows in the iDir (6)

I agree though it can be confusing. The problem with changing this is that it might break existing definitions. I’ll look into it.

Thanks for your reply.

In the meantime I checked again the popup explanations of that component. I must admit those do explain clear enough, what is the purpose of that input.

I still think the naming of the inputs is not ideal, but I also see the risk of breaking existing difinitions by introducing changes. So better leave everything as it is.

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